Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mt. Carmel and Valley Grove Baptist Church

Another church that may have had a connection to the Mt. Carmel area and people is the Valley Grove Baptist Church. I overlooked this possibility when I was researching for the book. Valley Grove joined the Mt. Zion Baptist Association circa 1881 and represented for a few years. It might be a link between Mt. Carmel and both the Sulphur Springs and Glenfawn churches. The post office is always given at Glenfawn. In 1890, the association minutes list Valley Grove as "dissolved", with Sulphur Springs church being petitioned and received into the association that same year. Sulphur Springs church's post office was Steven (or Stephens).

1882 - W. W. Albritton, pastor; W. H. Needham, J. M. Clayton, delegates; 16 members.
1883 - J. F. M. Reid, pastor; A. J. Anderson, J. R. O. Moore, delegates; 16 members.
1884 - Didn't report
1885 - J. M. Mizzell, pastor; W. H. Needham, delegate; 24 members.
1886 - M. L. Hines, pastor; delegates not listed; 29 members.
1887 - Not represented

1888 - Not represented
1889 - Not represented
1890 - Listed as dissolved

The Valley Grove church corresponded with Smyrna Baptist Church between Feb. 1882 and May 1886, according to Smyrna's minutes. Valley Grove members mentioned in the Smyrna minutes are: Owens Moore (Mar. 1882; probably J. R. O. Moore), Brethren Clayton and Needom (June 1882; probably W. H. Needham & J. M. Clayton).


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