Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More Devereux

The following references from the Julien Sidney Devereux family might be related to the Mt. Carmel Church.

"Sarah Devereux enjoyed pleasures at Monte Verdi. She went to quiltings and sometimes Julien would share her company at a Baptist preaching. Occasionally the family could get together and hunt chinquipins." (Julien Sidney Devereux and his Monte Verdi Plantation, Winfrey, 1962, p. 91)

"These old pioneers looked after their religious services. There were many references to them in Julien Devereux's diary. One entry charged up $10 ... 'paid to Rev. William Lane for preaching", and immediately beneath this was another entry: "$5 lent William King to pay Parson Lane.'" (East Texas "Mount Vernon", The Houston Chronicle Magazine, Garland Farmer, p. 12, undated copy in Rusk Co. Library vertical file)

Sept. 9, 1854 "Went hunting in the swamp -- Preaching over at Taylor's meeting house. Sarah went to preaching with Howerton & wife." (Handwritten page # 96 from a Devereux book on microfilm reel no. 42 at Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin)

Amongst some of Devereux's reports for 1858 is a notation that on June 30 he paid to James Forman $130 (From a Devereux book on microfilm reel no. 39 at Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin). Forman (or Foreman) was a Missionary Baptist preacher of the faith and order of Mt. Carmel, but it seems unlikely that this amount was paid for preaching; more likely he bought something from him or paid him for some labor.

Note: I have not identified Parson William Lane. Isham H. Lane is thought by some to have preached at Mt. Carmel. He had a son named William. I have no idea whether his William was a preacher.


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