Friday, December 15, 2006

Penny/Penney family

Through the help of C. D. & Kathryn Penney, I have tentatively identified Penny/Penney family members who were members of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, mentioned in the Membership list. I had nothing on them to add to the Mt. Carmel Connections.

I believe now that Henry, Siddie, and Lacy Penny may be:

1. Henry C. Penney (1844-??), second child of Joseph Penney (1822-1875) and Helda Frances Jackson (1825-1905). Joseph and Helda came to Texas from Benton (now Calhoun) County, Alabama, but originated in North Carolina. Joseph and Helda are buried in the Glenfawn Cemetery.

2. Siddie Penney -- probably a daughter of Joseph Penney and Helda Frances Jackson (maybe Sarah, third child of Joseph & Helda; 1846-1868); is "Siddie" a nickname for "Sarah"? Joseph had a sister named Sidda or Siddie.

3. Lacy Penney -- probably should be "Lucy", short for Lucinda A. Penney (1848-1912), fourth child of Joseph Penney and Helda Frances Jackson; Lucy married P. F. Richardson in Rusk County, Texas 2-18-1873 and then Andrew J. Anderson 11-11-1875.

These three would be siblings of William Penney, who married Mary, daughter of Martin Basinger.

Most of this information comes from Penny Generations: a History of Riley Penny's Descendants, by Morris Penny, Huntsville, Alabama, Robinson Printing Co., 1982


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