Monday, December 18, 2006

Martin Baysinger


Another good old pioneer citizen has gone to rest. Martin Baysinger passed away March 28th. Uncle Martin was born November, 1808, hence was in his 95th year. Medicall (sic) skill and the best attention was given him, but the call come for him to go up higher. He suffered many days previous to his death. His loving companion was ever ready and willing to minister to his wants day and night until life was extinct.

Uncle Martin was born in North Carolina, moved to Tennessee in 1828, to Texas in 1839. Lived in Texas when it was a republic.

To know him was to love him. He leaves his second wife, whom he married in 1884, his first wife having died in the early seventies. One daughter and an invalid son who is the object of pity, many grand children and a host of warm friends. As a husband he was kind and loving; as a christian neighbor and a citizen his equals were few. May God throw the Strong arm of protection around his aged wife and invalid son is the prayer of one who loves them, and may he who is gone rest in peace.


* Transcribed from a photocopy sent by C. D. & Kathryn Penney; name and date of the newspaper that printed this obituary is unknown.


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