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Galloway family

Amos Ponder Galloway/Gallaway1
Amos Ponder Galloway was born October 1, 1816, the son of Anderson Galloway (ca.1783-1869) and Delilah Ponder (1797-1834). He was born in Georgia and moved with his family to Alabama. He died October 3, 1871 at the home of his cousin, C. C. Galloway, in Kildare, Cass County, Texas.

A. P. Galloway was appointed sheriff in Lawrence County, Alabama in 1834.2 He married first Caroline Gewin in 1843 in Lawrence County. They had two children, Frank Owen (1845-1882) and Levi Penn (1846-1847). After Caroline's death, A. P. married Mary Hart Pruitt in 1849. They had two children, Allen Hart (1850-1911) and Mary Frances.

"Though Dr. Gallaway did make a trip to Rusk County in 1852 with Col. Pruitt and purchased land at that time, he returned to his home in Alabama because his wife was expecting a baby. This child, Mary Frances, was born 7 May 1853. The Gallaways made their actual move to Texas (present day Laneville) when the baby was six month old...On July 14, 1852, A. P. Gallaway bought 4,428 acres of land in the William Williams Survey...On July 24, 1852, he sold 2,214 acres to John Pruitt...A. P. Gallaway was a prosperous planter and also practiced medicine for a number of years at Laneville. Dr. Gallaway's two sons, Frank Owen Gallaway, and Allen Hart Gallaway, became physicians, as did his grandson, Allen Hubert Gallaway...Amos Ponder Gallaway was elected to the Texas Legislature in 186 and served as a delegate to the convention which passed the Ordinance of Secession bringing Texas into the War Between the States."3

Allen Hart Galloway

One prominent Laneville citizen who joined Mt. Carmel Baptist Church as a young man was Allen Hart Galloway. He later joined Smyrna Baptist Church and then the Missionary Baptist Church at Laneville.

Laneville, Rusk Co., Tex.
Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church of Christ -- This is to certify that our Bro. A. H. Galaway is a member in good standing and full fellowship with us and by his own request is hereby dismissed from us when joined to another church of the same faith and order. done by order of the church in conference Saturday before the 3d. Sunday in August 1899.
V. T. Vaughn4 Moderator W. D. Wells Clerk

Resolution of Respect to Our Deceased Brother, Dr. A. H. Galloway.

We, the committee of the Missionary Baptist church of Laneville, Texas, beg leave to submit the following resolutions in regard to our deceased brother, Dr. A. H. Galloway; Our all-wise Father has seen fit to remove from our midst one of our most beloved members. Therefore, be it resolved that we have lost a useful citizen, a most faithful zealous member of the church, one ever ready to respond to the call of duty.

Dr. Galloway was born in Lawence county, Alabama, January 10th 1850, during which year his parents moved with him to Texas5. At his death, which occured June 4th, 1911, he was in his sixty-second year. Bro. Galloway professed faith and joined our church6 about the year of 1867; was baptized by Bro. Sparkman, and since that time he has lived true to his convictions, ever letting love and charity guide him in his daily life.

A few years ago Bro. Galloway and his wife, who preceeded him to glory, opened the doors of their home to three homeless children, "the Boyd boys". The boys have been reared under a good influence; have many advantages which otherwise they would not have had. They have been taught to be truthful and honest in all things, and to lean upon the strong arm of Jesus. It is our fond hope that the good boys may never depart from their training. Be it resolved, therefore, that at the death of Dr. Galloway we lost a worthy member; a strong supporter of Christ's cause. Be it further resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be entered upon our minutes, and that a copy of them be given the family of the deceased. Be it still further resolved that coppies be sent to such papers for publication as may be desired by the church.

W. A. Mullecan,
A. J. Harmon,
L. H. Thrash,

1. The family name is spelled variously "Galloway" and "Gallaway". The Laneville family seems to prefer "
Gallaway". It is spelled "Galloway" in the Mt. Carmel records, though whether spelled that way originally by Frank Owen Galloway or incorrectly transcribed we cannot know at this point.
2. Since A. P. Galloway would have been only 18 in 1834, the date or name of this person may be wrong.

3. From Redland District, South Rusk County, Texas by the Rusk County Genealogical Society, 1987 (Section 3, pages 1-2)
4. Like A. H. Galloway, V. T. Vaughn was also a member of Mt. Carmel and Smyrna.
5. Some sources state that the family did not move to Texas until after Allen's sister Mary Frances was born in 1853.
6. By "our church" they evidently mean the Missionary Baptist Church generically. The church is Laneville was not formed until after 1900. He first joined Mt. Carmel by profession of faith around 1867.


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