Monday, October 04, 2021

Elizar Buckner

Who was Elizar Buckner, member of Mt. Carmel Church? The minutes say that Elizar Buckner joined by experience September 1869. No one previously has seemed to fill the bill. The spelling in the minutes, at least the way Aunt Ada Woolverton transcribed it, is “Elizar.” (There was an Elijah Buckner, but he died before 1869.) 

Julius Buckner and Sarah Elizabeth Funderburk (of the Butts County, Georgia and Pine Hill, Texas Buckners) had a daughter named Ann E. Buckner. She was born in 1851. She married Benjamin Franklin Jones in 1884. Some of the family trees on Ancestry give her full name as Anna Elijah Buckner – though I have not been able to confirm where they get the middle name. She would have been a relative of John Sparkman’s wife Martha, so her joining Mt. Carmel seems a possibility. She would have been about 18 when she joined, about right for the time period.

On Find-A-Grave: Ann Buckner Jones

Elizar Buckner is mentioned in A list of the members of Mt. Carmel Church and Mt. Carmel Church connections, which at the time I simply listed as undetermined.


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