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Mt. Carmel Church - Connections

Mt. Carmel Church connections9

Adeline Baysinger (1818—ca.1870) – Adeline (or Adaline) Tipps, a daughter of Peter Tipps, married Martin Baysinger before 1830; the Baysinger’s daughter Mary married William Penney, but a connection has not been made to the Pennys on the Mt. Carmel Church roll.
Martin Baysinger (1808—ca.1903) – Martin McCrary Baysinger, probably the son of Henry Baysinger (or Basinger) and Elizabeth McCrary; married Adeline Tipps; not long after bringing his family to Texas from Tennessee, Martin Baysinger received a 640-acre land grant in southwest Rusk County in 1839. He established a plantation that included a gristmill, brick making pit, syrup mill, cotton gin, store and post office. His land holdings increased to nearly 7,000 acres. Out of this he set aside a burial ground upon the death of his first wife.
10 After Adeline’s death, he married Mrs. Martha Brandon in 1884, who may have been connected to the Joseph Brandon family.
Mary Blair – possibly Mary Grigsby, wife of Vince Blair, or their daughter, Mary E. Blair, who married M. T. Wells in 1869.
Vince Blair – probably Vincent Blair (1819—1902), who married Mary Houston Grigsby (though there appears to be more than one Vince Blair); buried at Laneville.
Joseph Brandon – Joseph was born circa 1825 and died after 1880.
Nancy Brandon – Nancy Sparkman, sister of Frances, John, and W. M., daughter of William Sparkman and Sarah Tate Anthony; wife of Joseph Brandon.
Sarah Ann Brandon (1851—1894) – daughter of Joseph and Nancy; married William Mack Carmichael, son of Reuben and Frances Carmichael, on 10 Apr 1870; after his death she married William McElder Vaught in 1880.
William Brandon – son of Joseph and Nancy Brandon (b. circa 1849).
H. J. Brock – probably John Henry Brock (1843—1911); brother of Newton Van Buren Brock and son of James R. and Elizabeth Brock; married Polly Elam; after moving to Parker County John and Polly were charter members of the Brock Baptist Church in the Brock Community.
M. A. Brock – Mary Antoinette Buckner (1850—1910), daughter of Garrett D. Bucker and Sarah Psalms McSpadden; sister of C. E. Sparkman; wife of N. V. Brock.
N. V. Brock – Newton Van Buren Brock (1840—1918); son of James R. and Elizabeth Brock; brother of John Henry Brock; N. V. married Mary Antoinette Buckner, a daughter of Garrett D. Buckner and Sarah McSpadden.
T. S. Brock – probably Polly Sanders Elam (1843—1924), daughter of Joel and Sarah, who married John Henry Brock in Rusk County in 1866.
Bucaloo sisters – The "sisters Bucaloos" may be R. A. and E. J. Buckalew, daughters of A. J. and Elizabeth Buckalew. This is family 544-561 in the Rusk County 1860 Federal Census, Beat No. 3, New Salem. They were 21 and 20 years old at the time.
Elizar (Eliza?) Buckner – undetermined
Robert Buckner – probably Robert (1848—1931), son of Garrett and Sarah Buckner.
Sallie Buckner – probably Sallie, or Sarah (1852—1920), daughter of Garrett and Sarah Buckner.
Sarah S. Buckner (1812—1884) – Sarah (P)salms McSpadden, wife of Garrett D. Buckner,
12 mother of Robert, Sallie, C. E. Sparkman and M. A. Brock.13
Sarah Burns – Sarah Elizabeth Frazier, daughter of John and Martha Frazier; circa 1860 married Francis B. Burns, who may have been related to the wife of M. V. Holleman. After Burns’ death, she married John Ballard.
Reuben Carmichael – William Reuben Carmichael, son of Joseph F. Carmichael and Elizabeth Holder; married first Elizabeth Spinks; Reuben and Elizabeth were members of Mars Hill Baptist Church in Oconee Co., GA; married second Sidney Frances Parker; Reuben and Sidney were possibly members of White Plains Baptist Church in Greene Co., Georgia.
Frances Carmichael – Sidney Frances Parker, daughter of Emmanuel Parker and Mary Ann Astin; 2nd wife of Reuben Carmichael; sister of Wiley & Foster Parker (p. 10).
Sarah Cordry – in the 1850 Rusk County census an eight year old Sarah Cordrey appears in the home of W. T. and Sarah Smith, and may be this person; Charlotte (Berryhill) Cordrey is also in the home and may be her mother.
A. A. Elam – Ann America Elam, daughter of Joel and Sarah Elam; married J. Gunn.
A. F. Elam – Alabama Florence Elam, daughter of Joel and Sarah Elam.
F. A. Elam – Frances Mariann A. Sparkman, sister of John Sparkman, W. M. Sparkman, and Nancy Brandon; daughter of William Sparkman and Sarah Tate Anthony. Married first Elijah Rountree Hanes; Second Joel Elam.
Joel Elam (1818—1893) – married first Sarah Eleanor Stamps; their daughter Polly married John Henry Brock; married second Frances Mariann A. Sparkman 31 Dec 1866. In 1869 his daughter Alice Eleanor married John S. Hanes, son of Frances Sparkman; after moving from Rusk Co. married Florence Pope circa 1875; buried in Franklin, TX.
John Frazier – married Martha Irby; came to Rusk County from Greene County, Georgia, which was also the residence of the Carmichaels and the birthplace of Thornton Vaughn, though there is no known relation.
Martha Frazier – Martha Irby; married John Frazier in Greene County, Georgia.
Matilda Frazier – daughter of John and Martha Frazier; married Joseph Gentry.
A. H. Galloway – Allen Hart Galloway
15 (1850—1911), son of Dr. A. P. Galloway and Mary Pruitt; he later united with Smyrna MBC and then the First Missionary Baptist Church in Laneville. He was baptized circa 1867 by John Sparkman.16
A. P. Galloway – Dr. Amos Ponder Galloway (1816—1871); son of Anderson Galloway and Delilah Ponder; married first Caroline Gewin (Gwin? Guinn?) and second Mary H. Pruitt, daughter of Colonel John Pruitt and Martha Hart; A. P. Galloway's grandfather Matthew was a charter member of Beaverdam Baptist Church in Oglethorpe County, GA in September 1800, and his father was also a member there. A church note in May 1828 reads, "The Church received information that a letter of dismission that was granted Bro. Anderson Gallaway, living in Alabama in August, 1826, has been miscarried and he failed to get the same. Ordered, that the clerk forward another letter to Bro. Gallaway and state the time he was dismissed and the circumstances attending the case."
17 A. P. was a trustee of the Mound Prairie Institute in 1856.18
F. O. Galloway – Frank Owen Galloway, son of Amos Ponder Galloway and Caroline Gewin; he was clerk pro-tem of the organizational meeting of the Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church. Frank O. Galloway was granted a letter of dismission from Smyrna Aug. 21, 1874. He married Susan Salmon, daughter of John L. and Martha Salmon, in May of 1871. A ‘Dr. F. O. Galloway’ is listed in Butterfield and Rundlett's 1875 Directory of the City of Dallas. A handwritten note in the family history states they moved to Dallas County and then Clay County, and that his family was living in Henrietta after his death.
19 Frank O. Galloway is in the 1880 Rusk County census and was postmaster of Gourdneck in Rusk County in 1880; born February 16, 1845, died January 12, 1882.
Mary H. Galloway – evidently Mary H. Pruitt Galloway, daughter of John Pruitt and Martha Hart; wife of Dr. A. P. Galloway; Mary Pruitt Galloway (1830-1896) married David S. Wallace after the death of A. P. Galloway.
R. P. Goldsberry (1844—1911) – Robert Pomeroy Goldsberry, son of Alfred P. Goldsberry and Mary Ann Wells (dau. of William and Sarah Wells); in 1860 Rusk Co. census 15 year old Robert is still at home with parents, A. P. and Mary A. Goldsberry and siblings, Elizabeth C., William W. and Jacob; married Nancy Elizabeth Hanes, daughter of Frances Sparkman and E. R. Hanes; buried at Linn Flat, Nacogdoches Co.
Nannie Goldsberry (1847—1898) – Nancy Elizabeth Hanes, daughter of Frances Sparkman and Elijah Rountree Hanes; wife of R. P. Goldsberry; buried at Linn Flat.
Nancy Harmon – this might be a 28 year old Nancy Harmon who is found in Rusk County in 1860 (family 568-586), with, apparently, two children, Rufus and John. She may have been a part of the Pruitt family.
C. M. Holleman (1844—1917) – Clinton Marion Holleman, son of William Arthur Holleman and Malinda Guinn; C. M. was a charter member of Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church in Rusk County in Aug. 1873; of the Union Primitive Baptist Church near Roger’s Prairie in Leon County, 12 July 1890; and of Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church at Wealthy in Leon County, 19 March 1904.
J. J. Holleman – possibly Josiah John Holleman (1826—1907), son of Josiah John Holleman (1785—1862) and Jane McLaughlin/Elliot, or Josiah John Holleman (1848—1925), son of Green Wilson Holleman; but J. J. Holleman in the Mt. Carmel Church minutes might be John Lawrence Holleman. Js and Ls are sometimes confused, and this confusion shows up later in Smyrna Church minutes. The person initially listed as J. J. Holleman in the Smyrna minutes is later identified as John L. (his wife Frances is also mentioned in the Smyrna minutes).
M. V. Holleman (1842—1927) – Moody Valentine Holleman, son of William Arthur Holleman and Malinda Guinn; married Manerva Lucinda Burns.
Charlie Holley – Charlie might be Charleenly (or Charlsey) Gage, who married Richard R. Holley (brother of Sion Holley) in Rusk County 18 Feb 1868; joined Zion Hill in 1879; Sion Holley married Mary Elizabeth Holleman, daughter of Green Wilson Holleman.
Elizabeth Howerton – daughter of William and Mary Howerton.
Mary Howerton – Mary Ann Mickleborough/Micklebrough, wife of William Howerton. In 1837 Mary Ann (7 Nov 1814 -- 17 May 1896) married William in Lowndes County, Alabama.
William Howerton – (1814—1868) son of Joel and Sarah Howerton; buried at Glenfawn Cemetery; at one time he was overseer for Julien Sidney Devereux’s Monte Verdi plantation.
W. H. Jacobs – probably William H. Jacobs (1850—??), who married Matilda Caroline Holleman, daughter of Green Wilson Holleman and cousin of C. M. and M. V. Holleman.
H. J. Jarrell – Henry Joseph Jarrell, son of Henry Jarrell and Martha M. Buckner, stepson of Elder John Sparkman.
J. S. Jarrell – Julius Jarrell, son of Henry Jarrell and Martha M. Buckner.
W. J. Jarrell – William James Jarrell, son of Henry Jarrell and Martha M. Buckner.
John Landrum – the name of John Landrum is not recorded in the existing church minutes, but he was a delegate from the Mt. Carmel Church to the Mt. Zion Association in 1857. He came to Texas in 1829 and served in the Texas Army from March 12 to July 7, 1836.
22 In 1860 he is found in Beat No. 10 (New Salem), Rusk County census. Landrum was born in Georgia circa 1801 and died after 1860. His second wife, Mary Wells, probably was a distant cousin of William Wells. Their daughter, Sarah Ann Landrum (1827—1900), was the second wife of Julien Sidney Devereux, Sr., owner of the Monte Verdi plantation at Glenfawn. After Devereux’s death, she married J. F. Garrison.
Mary Leslie – possibly Mary J. Leslie (born circa 1848), daughter of J. H. and Sarah Lesley/Leslie, found as family 455-471 in Beat No. 3, New Salem, 1860 Federal Census, Rusk County, Texas; married James Jordan.
Sarah Leslie – possibly Sarah (born circa 1820), wife of J. H. Leslie, or their daughter Sarah E. Leslie (born circa 1852), who married Thomas K. Jordan.
Sallie P. Linthecum – Sarah J. "Sallie" (Walker), wife of Romulus C. Linthicum, might possibly be the Sallie Linthicum of the minutes. They are family 1200-1218 in Mt. Enterprise in the 1860 census; she was 19 years old. They married in 1857 in Nacogdoches County. R. C. was an uncle of Susan Elizabeth Salmon, who married Frank O. Galloway in 1871.
George Loftis – possibly George Washington Loftis, who married Louisa B. Holder in Rusk County in 1863.
Louisa Loftis – evidently the wife of George Loftis.
Panila Lyles – Pernilie Jane Guinn (1842—1913), wife of Jasper Edge and second Zachary Taylor Lyles; Pernilie was the daughter of Thornton Guinn and Sarah Melton; was a first cousin to C. M. and M. V. Holleman, and a niece of Baptist preacher William Guinn; is buried in the Holleman Cemetery.
W. H. Needham – possibly William Howard Needham (1836-1900), who married Catherine C. Perkins.

Joseph Nolin - married Mary Vaughn.
Henry Penny – undetermined
Lacy Penny – undetermined
Siddie Penny – undetermined
Celie Perkins – Celia, daughter of William and Mary Howerton; married Simeon Perkins 15 Dec 1859; Simeon could have been a member; he died in 1866.
Julia Perkins – possibly Julia A. Perkins, the wife of Samuel S. Perkins, older brother of Simeon Perkins.
Susan Pierce – daughter of Wyatt Vaughn and Eliza Jane Parker (a cousin of Sidney Frances Parker Carmichael); wife of Wiley Pierce and sister of Thornton Vaughn.
Mary Pruitt – probably some of the Colonel John Pruitt family, but undetermined; his wife Mary Hart had died before he came to Texas.
Cathren Risinger – possibly Joanna Catherine Buckner, daughter of Garrett D. and Sarah Buckner and wife of Jackson J. Risinger.
John H. Smith – John Henry Smith, husband of Martha Seay; b. Sept. 14, 1842 - d. March 10, 1930.
Martha Smith – Martha Elizabeth Seay b. May 11, 1834 - d. May 2, 1899, the daughter of Ransom Seay and Sarah Oliver Elam. She married (1st) Samuel Wesley Kite, and (2nd) John Henry Smith November 5, 1865 in Beaumont, Mississippi.
C. E. Sparkman – China Elizabeth Buckner, wife of William Moses Sparkman and daughter of Garrett D. Buckner; joined Zion Hill Baptist Church in 1874.
John Sparkman – John Calloway Sparkman (1831—1882), son of William Sparkman and Sarah Tate Anthony; brother of W. M.; was moderator of the Mt. Zion Baptist Association from 1872-1881. When he first came to Texas, the family settled in Pine Hill circa 1853 and joined the Holly Springs Church there. The John Sparkman family joined Zion Hill Baptist Church in 1870.
24 According to Link, John Sparkman professed faith when he was eighteen years old, was baptized into Bethesda Baptist Church25 in Jasper County, GA by John Dodd. He later united with the Flint River Baptist Church in Henry County before moving to Texas in 1853 and uniting with the Holly Springs Church in Pine Hill. He was licensed by Holly Springs in 1860 and ordained in 1861, Elders William Gwin,26 G. W. Rogers and M. Melton forming the presbytery. "The Bible was his dictionary, geography, grammar, rhetoric and logic. He was a man of strong convictions, devotedly pious, and earnest and forceful as a speaker, carrying the masses with him in his plain, scriptural arguments, drawing his illustrations principally from the common field of nature, his leading theme being the doctrines of grace, while he was well posted in the distinctive principles of the denomination, and ably defended them when it became necessary."27
L. C. Sparkman – Lewis C. Sparkman, son of John and Martha Sparkman.
M. M. Sparkman – Martha M. Buckner (1829—1896), wife of John Sparkman and daughter of Eli Franklin Buckner and Eliza Saunders. Her first husband was Henry Jarrell.
W. M. Sparkman – William Moses Sparkman (died ca. 1874), son of William Sparkman and Sarah Tate Anthony; brother of John,
28 Nancy Brandon and Frances Elam; served as moderator of the Mt. Zion Association in 1870; is believed to have died in Ellis or Van Zandt county while on an evangelistic trip.
Britton F. Stamps (1825—1902) – not mentioned in the extant minutes, but was a member of Mt. Carmel in earlier years, a delegate to the association 1857-1859, and served as the second clerk of the Mt. Zion Baptist Association in 1858; the son of Britton F. Stamps and Mary “Polly” Sanders, he married Frances Ann Richardson in 1848 (daughter of Dr. P. T. Richardson). His sister, Sarah Eleanor Stamps, married Joel Elam. His daughter, Elizabeth Ann Stamps, married Albert Devereux in 1869. B. F. and the Devereuxs later lived in Wise County.
Lucy Stone – this might be 50 year old Lucy A. Stone, apparently the wife of William Stone; is in the 1860 Rusk County census, family 571-589.
Mary Vaughn – daughter of Eldridge H. Vaughn and Mary Harris, living with William and Mary Howerton in 1860, apparently after the death of her parents; no known relation to Thornton Vaughn; she and Joseph Nolin married 29 Sept 1867 in Rusk County.
Thornton Vaughn (1848—1915) – son of Wyatt Vaughn and Eliza Jane Parker (a cousin of Sidney Frances Parker Carmichael); brother of Susan Pierce; in 1902 he was ordained to the ministry by Smyrna Baptist Church. He is an older brother of Marshall Lewis Vaughn, who had the original minutes of Mt. Carmel 1867-1871.
Elizabeth Wells – this probably is M. T. Wells’ wife.
Mikiel Wells – Michael Teachel Wells (1846—1912), son of William Wells and Sarah James; M. T. Wells married Mary E. Blair (1850—1927), daughter of Vince and Mary Blair; M. T. was Robert Goldsberry’s uncle; ordained a deacon by Smyrna church in 1874. William Wells might have been an early member of Mt. Carmel.
Olivid Wells – probably Olivia Crews, who married Wimbrick D. Wells, brother of Michael T. Wells; joined Zion Hill Church in 1871.

9 This information is gleaned from a variety of sources – including RootsWeb World Connect Project and the 1982 Rusk County History book – and is intended comparison purposes, to highlight family connections within the church and as a research help for descendants of the members of Mt. Carmel Church. Though hopefully most of the information is accurate, it has not all been verified and is not intended for use as genealogical documentation. All data should be double-checked.
Many of the early Mt. Carmel members seem to have been prominent southern Rusk County landholders.
10 Based on historical marker at Baysinger Cemetery;
11 Polly Sanders Elam…was well informed on the Bible and history.
12 Garrett D. Buckner was a son of James Monroe Buckner, Sr. James M. Sr. and Daniel Cooke Buckner were sons of Henry Buckner, Sr. Dallas pastor Robert Cooke Buckner, son of Daniel and the Buckner of Buckner Orphan’s Home, was a first cousin of Garrett D. Buckner.
13 Old Mt. Zion minutes indicate that Moses M. Buckner (son of Sarah & Garrett) and A. P. Galloway affiliated initially with the Mt. Moriah Church in the Laneville area (San Cosme post office); said church seems to have ceased to exist after the Civil War. At least it no longer appears in the Mt. Zion Baptist Association minutes.
14 Some family genealogists state that Reuben was a Baptist minister, but he is never found in an ordained ministers’ list of the Mt. Zion Association.
15 This family is consistently “Galloway” in the Mt. Carmel records; but family records and genealogists often spell it as “Gallaway”.
16 Resolution of Respect by First Missionary Baptist Church; 1911 newspaper clipping reprinted in Redland District South Rusk County Texas, Rusk County Genealogical Society, Henderson, TX, p. 7 section 3
17 Matthew Gallaway and His Descendants, Irene Dabney Gallaway, p. 14, n.d., n.p., vertical file, Rusk County Library
18 Minutes, Judson Baptist Association, 1856 (copy in East Texas Research Center, SFA University)
19 Matthew Gallaway and His Descendants, p. 14
20 History of the Primitive Baptists of Oklahoma, Texas, and Indian Territory, J. S. Newman, Tioga, Texas: Baptist Trumpet, 1906, pp. 108, 109
21 Julien Sidney Devereux, Winfrey, pp. 54, 91; Speaking of William Howerton in December 1855, Winfrey writes of him as “Devereux’s former overseer.”
22 Winfrey, ibid., pp. 39, 40
23 A History of Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Mary Frank Dunn, Henderson, TX: Bill Decker Printing Co., 1968; p. 7
24 A History of Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Mary Frank Dunn, pp. 7, 48
25 Possibly should be Bethsaida. In an e-mail to me (dated 16 Sept 2006), Dr. Robert G. Gardner, Senior Researcher in Baptist History, Mercer University, wrote, "The only Bethsaida church was in Fayette County, with J. S. Dodd as pastor in at least 1849-1853. His post office address was Fayetteville (1849, 1850) and Fairburn (1852-1853)."
26 William Guinn was an uncle of members C. M. & M. V. Holleman, being a brother of their mother, and of Panila Lyles, being a brother of her father.
27 Texas Historical and Biographical Magazine, Vol. 1, J. B. Link, 1891, p. 515
28 John and William Sparkman both married Buckners, but I haven't determined their relation, if any. William's wife is one of the Glenfawn Buckners and John's wife is connected to the Pine Hill Buckners. Andrew Jackson Welch, mentioned in the June 1868 minutes, married Mary Ann Buckner (1834—1911). Mary Ann and Martha were children of Eli Franklin Buckner and Eliza Saunders.

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