Saturday, May 05, 2007

First Baptist church in Rusk County

At this late date it will probably be near impossible to ever identify the first Baptist church in Rusk County, Texas. Among Baptist churches still in existence, First Baptist Church of Henderson is apparently the oldest. Another Baptist Church, now extinct, existed in Henderson before this one. Other existing Baptist churches in Rusk County among the oldest include: Pine Hill, Pleasant Hill, and London.

Possible candidates for the first church in Rusk County:
Mt. Zion (I have read claims this is the oldest but can't determine when it was organized)
Shiloh (a comment in an obituary indicates this church could go back to 1840)
Henderson (there was a Baptist Church in Henderson by around 1845)
Enon (possibly around Mt. Enterprise and an early member of the Sabine Baptist Association)

I will offer some more thoughts on this a little later.


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