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Mt. Carmel Church - Appendices A, B, C

APPENDIX A – Officers

Known pastors
(Possibly) J. H. Lane
36 – 1857; living in Cherokee County in 1850 census.
N. Conner – 1858; lived somewhere around Nacogdoches, Texas.
John Sparkman – 1866—1869; and could have extended into 1870.
W. W. Albritton – 1870; in 1870 Mt. Zion Baptist Association minutes, W. W. Albritton is listed with a Mt. Enterprise address and a member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Later he would live in the Douglass area in Nacogdoches County.

Known church clerks
Newton Van Buren Brock, church clerk pro-tem, February 1868
F. O. Galloway, October 1867 – April 1870 (at least)
A. P. Galloway, church clerk pro-tem, May 1870
R. P. Goldsberry, November 1871

Known deacons
None known

APPENDIX B - Members of Mt. Carmel who joined Smyrna Church
(* Denotes charter members)
Sarah (Frazier) Burns Ballard
Martha Frazier
A. H. Galloway
F. O. Galloway *
Mary Galloway (Wallace)
Matilda (Frazier) Gentry
Nannie Goldsberry *
Robert Pomeroy Goldsberry *
Clinton Marion Holleman *
J. J. Holleman
Moody Valentine Holleman
Panila Lyles
Vincent Thornton Vaughn
Elizabeth Wells *
Michael T. Wells *

Both Mt. Carmel and Smyrna had a member or members named Mary Pruitt. I have been unable to verify whether it is the same person or two people with the same name.

APPENDIX C – Mt. Carmel and other churches
Other churches mentioned in the Mt. Carmel minutes
Cool Springs Holly Springs
Mt. Zion New Salem

Mt. Carmel mentioned in other minutes
Mt. Carmel is mentioned in the minutes of the Union (now Old North) Baptist Church in August 1867, when they received William Sparkman and Joel Elam from Mt. Carmel as “corresponding messengers”.

36 Pauline Shirley Murrie lists him for Mt. Carmel pastor in 1857, but I did not find any pastors listed in the Mt. Zion Association minutes for 1857. See footnote 1. She may be mistaken. Actual initials are I. H. [Isham Hall] Lane, ca.1790—1859. He is buried at the City Cemetery in Jacksonville, Rusk County, Texas.

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