Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Extinct churches M-O

Missionary Springs -- see Mission Springs; meets southeast of Henderson on FM 840.

Mt. Enon -- see Gum Springs; Mt. Enon was apparently the earlier name of the church that came to be known as Gum Springs, now located a few miles north of US Hwy 79 on Hwy 42.

Mt. Hope/Pine Springs -- see Roquemore; churches in this area known as Mt. Hope and Pine Springs are believed to be forerunners of the present Roquemore Missionary Baptist Church, though there is some question as to whether the earlier churches were Missionary or Primitive. Possibly met in the area of Hunt Cemetery.

Mt. Pisgah -- see Arlam, Garrison; the present Arlam Baptist Church was originally organized under the name Mt. Pisgah. According to Arlam's historical marker the Mt. Pisgah congregation began meeting in the Pine Flat schoolhouse (Nacogdoches County) in August 1897 and moved to a schoolhouse in Arlam (Rusk County) in 1898. Name changed circa 1951.

Mt. Carmel -- click link for the history of Mt. Carmel Church in south Rusk County.

Mt. Moriah was an original member of the Mt. Zion Association and evidently met somewhere near San Cosma/Laneville. In 1857 it was represented at the organization by M. M. Buckner, R. F. Galloway, and John Deason. Deason was listed as a licentiate minister with post office at Minden, TX. The church ceased to exist some time after the Civil War.

Mt. Zion was one of the older churches in Rusk County, located east of Mt. Enterprise where the Campground Cemetery is located. The building is supposed have been located in what would be inside the present cemetery fence. They evidently ceased to meet sometime between 1882 and 1889. In 1889 Allen Birdwell and Isaac Lawler offered the building to the Mt. Zion Association as a permanent meeting place, but the association declined. The Mt. Zion Baptist Association was organized here in 1857. Considering the Birdwell family's connection with this church, and their penchant for organizing churches in Alabama under the name Enon, an earlier Enon Baptist Church (Sabine Baptist Association) in this area may have been a forerunner of Mt. Zion.

Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church met in the Oak Grove Community south of Caledonia. The building was a short way down what is now County Road 3280. The building was on the right near the 90 degree curve. What's left of the cemetery is across the road.

New Hope -- south Rusk County; this church is listed in the 1856 minutes of the Soda Lake Baptist Association, and was located in the same general area as Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.

New Mt. Sinai -- somewhere in the Caledonia area of southeast Rusk county. May have been a forerunner of Mt. Zion/Oak Grove above. According to W. T. Parmer in Seventy-Five Years in Nacogdoches, the New Mt. Sinai Baptist Church was organized in the early 1870s under the leadership of William M. Gaddy and support of J.D. Smith. (p. 175)


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