Tuesday, September 07, 2021

More information on two members

Alabama Florence Elam and Anna America Elam, daughters of Joel Elam and Sarah Stamps, are mentioned here and here in the Mt. Carmel blog. Both were members of the Mt. Carmel Church, probably joining by experience sometime before the 3rd Sunday in October 1867 (since their joining is not mentioned in the extant minutes). Both were dismissed by letter from the Mt. Carmel Church on November 14, 1868.

Ann America (or Anna) Elam was born in Alabama, probably Talladega County, around 1846. The Elam family was in Rusk County by July 8, 1860. She traveled with her family to Johnson County, Texas sometime after September 19, 1870 (the date they were enumerated in the 1870 census) and before July 14, 1873 (when her sister Ida died). There in Johnson County, on January 20, 1874, she married Jesse Mercer Gunn, and they had 3 children (Charles Ponnie, Don Pedro, and Mae). She was still living when enumerated on June 10th for the 1880 census. J. M. Gunn died in September of 1881. According to A Memorial and Biographical History of Johnson and Hill Counties, Texas (page 417) Ann had died before 1892. A number of researchers have confused Ann with Gunn’s first wife, Amanda Annie Gray, who died in 1872.

Alabama Florence Elam was born in Alabama, probably Talladega County, around 1848. She was 21 years old at the time she died, according to the U. S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule. She died in August of 1869 in Rusk County, Texas. The location of her burial is unknown.


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