Friday, January 01, 2021

A. J. Kirkland

From a brief biography of Allen John Kirkland. A. J. Kirkland may not a household name, but 50 years ago he was extremely well-known in this area, and quite well-known across Texas. I happened across this online biography. Though born in Angelina County, he spent much of his life and ministry as a preacher and educator in Rusk County. 
Dr. Kirkland’s earliest ambition was to be a lawyer. Center was the county seat of Shelby County, and when the family made their weekly trips to town, Dr. Kirkland went first to the courthouse to hear the trials, sometimes spending the whole day there. The family always knew to look for him there first when time came to go home. He nourished this ambition to be a lawyer until about 19 years old when he became convinced God had called him to preach. Those in later years who saw his keen logical mind and rapier wit at work on the debate platform can well imagine how formidable he would have been in the courtroom arguing a case.


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