Thursday, September 26, 2019

Another Lemuel Herrin obituary

Lemuel Herrin came to Texas from Tennessee in 1841, and quickly entered into ministerial labours here (He was ordained by Rushing Creek Baptist Church near Camden, Tennessee in 1826).  He formed at church at Henderson in 1845.

The following obituary has at least two errors, that he was 98 years old when he died and that he was originally from Henry County, Tennessee. Herrin was born in Georgia, and the writer of the obituary may have only intended to convey that he came to Texas from Henry County. At the least it serves to indicate that the Lemuel Herrin in the 1840 Henry County census is the same Lemuel Herrin who died in Texas in 1852.

The Tennessee Baptist, Saturday, October 16, 1852, p. 4

1840 U. S. Census, Henry County, Tennessee

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Tribute of Respect

A “Tribute of Respect” upon the death of Lemuel Herrin, printed in The Tennessee Baptist (Nashville, Tennessee), Saturday, February 26, 1853, page 4