Thursday, May 03, 2018

S. M. Carlton, doctor, author, Rusk Countian

A few years ago I heard about a book called Diagram of the Churches by S. M. Carlton, M.D. I was interested because Dr. Carlton was supposed to be a Baptist of the “Two-Seed” variety, and because he lived in my county – Rusk County, Texas. At the time I was unsuccessful garnering further information, but last week I discovered the book had been added to Diagram of the Churches: Illustrated by a Supposed Interview between the Arminian’s All-wise and Omnipotent God of the Universe and his Arminian Ministers (S. M. Carlton, M. D., Middleton, NY: Gilbert Beebe s Sons, 1884).

The book itself is much an unusual dialog with the “Arminian” God and his ministers. Beginning at page 344 Carlton inserts an appendix that includes a “condensed biography” and his religious experience. Dr. S. M. Carlton was Snider Miles Carlton, who was born October 1, 1830, in Thomas County, Georgia, to Shadrack Carlton and Catharine Sloan (p. 346). His parents are buried at the old Randolph Cemetery in Houston County, Texas. The older Carltons had several children, including, Harmon, Margaret, Susan, Elvie, John Sloan, Blake, S.M., and Catharine.

Snider Miles Carlton married Nancy Clark Satterwhite (p. 357). They came to Texas and first located in the Clayton area of Panola Conty in 1872 (p. 369). He also mentions being baptized at “Mt. Carmel Church, twenty miles east of Henderson” where his wife had been a member since that church was constituted (p. 377; Mt. Carmel was probably in Clayton, Panola County). They moved to Henderson in February 1879. Dr. Carlton, his wife and six others constituted a church called Siloam in Henderson, Texas on the 4th day of July 1883 (p. 378). S. M. & Nancy Carlton had six children, Elijah and Catharine R., who died in Alabama while still small; Lobel Alva, Mary Elena, Sallie Ada, and Oswald Snider.

After the death of Nancy, Dr. Carlton married Lucinda (last name unknown) circa 1894. The Carltons lived in Hill County, Texas in 1900, and later moved to Limestone County, Texas, where they are buried in the Thornton Cemetery.


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