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Rusk County Minister Writes The Free Will Baptist

The following letter from Egbert Statewright Jameson of Tatum, Texas appeared in The Free Will Baptist (Ayden, NC) Vol. 62, No. 10, March 5, 1947 on page 11. Jameson knew Angus McAllister Stewart, that he started the oldest Free Will Baptist Association in Texas (org. 1878), and that he came from Georgia. Somehow along the way the fact that he came from Georgia seems to have been lost, with many historians saying that Stewart was a missionary of the Free Baptists of the Northeast.


This is to state to the good people that my health has failed now, and I had to give up active ministry, but I am still trying to do things for the Master. I have a goal for the raising of one hundred subscriptions for the Baptist paper for this year.

I am in the oldest association of Free Will Baptists in the State of Texas, and it is still young. The association was organized by the late Reverend A. M. Stewart, who came to Texas from Georgia about seventy years ago. We now have more pastors in this association than we have ever had, and they are doing the greatest work that has ever been done by Free Will Baptists in this State. We are mainly a rural church here in Texas, and some of these rural churches have gone on half-time for the first time.

We still are in need of more pastors, because a few of our churches still have no pastors to hold services for the congregations. This State is a great open field for men who are earnest, sincere, and capable of doing fine work for the Lord.

I preached for forty years, but now it seems that my work is about done. I cannot depend on my health to make dates for holding services, but I am hoping as I pray that our work may progress as never before throughout the nation. It will if we will all get to work in dead earnest. In this section the field is all white and ready for harvest, if we had the workers. Those we have here are doing good, but we just need more such loyal and active men.

Yours in His Name,

Rev. Egbert S. Jameson,
Tatum, Texas

E. S. Jameson (1878-1950) was the son of Doctor Reuben Gideon Jimmerson, who was also a Free Will Baptist preacher. [Doctor was a given name of D. R. Jimmerson, not a title. He was often referred to as Dock. The are several surname variations in this family -- including Jimmerson, Jimerson, Jemison, Jamison, and Jameson -- but Egbert Jameson was the only one in his immediate family who used his spelling.]


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