Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Mt. Carmel member updates

Pernilie Jane Lyles
Pernilie Jane Guinn married Jasper Edge in January of 1860. Jasper Edge died in Rondo Arkansas in 1862. In September 1867 she married Zachary Taylor Lyles, son of Berry B. Lyles. The marriage was performed in Rusk County, Texas by Elder W. M. Sparkman.

William Moses Sparkman

According to Carla Brown on Find-a-Grave, William Moses Sparkman is buried at the Chalk Mountain Cemetery in Somervell County, Texas. Somervell County is to the west of Tarrant and Johnson counties. Some will recognize its county seat -- Glen Rose, Texas.

China Elizabeth Buckner Sparkman [Green]

After the death of William Moses Sparkman, China Elizabeth married Joseph M. Green in 1880. They had 3 children. She died in 1921. They are buried at the Pecan Wells Cemetery in Hamilton County, Texas.