Friday, March 06, 2009

Frazier and Carmichael

A little more information on three members of Mount Carmel church:

Martha (Irby) Frazier
Martha Frazier, while still unmarried, was baptized by Smyrna Baptist Church in Greene County, Georgia. In 1838, Smyrna Church met and held a ten days meeting the first of October; among those received by experience was Martha Irby, p. 58.
Jan. 1, 1842
"Sister Martha Frasier, once Irby, applyed for a letter of dismission which was granted." p. 73
Sept. 4, 1843
"continued the above meeting Ten days" among those received into the church was "by Letter Sister Frasier." p. 79
Sept. 3, 1853
Martha Frasier granted a letter of dismission, p 145

Reuben Carmichael
April 1, 1848
Reuben Carmichael received into Smyrna-GA by letter, p. 104

Sydney Frances (Parker) Carmichael
Feb. 6, 1847
"Sister Sydney F. Parker...was received by letter" into Smyrna-GA, p. 99
March 20, 1852
Reuben and Sydney Carmichael dismissed by letter, p. 135

In addition to these members of Mt. Carmel, visitor from Shiloh Foster Parker was also a member of Smyrna-GA. He united by experience when after Sept. 5, 1846 the church "continued the meeting for Ten days". He and some of his family were dismissed by letter Nov 30, 1850.

Smyrna Baptist Church was constituted December 19, 1828. It was an arm of White Plains Baptist Church of the same county.
From Smyrna Baptist Church minutes (Book 1)