Friday, July 04, 2008

Extinct churches H-L

Harmony Hill -- there was a Primitive Baptist Church at Harmony Hill, near present-day Tatum. A Harmony Hill (missionary) Baptist Church is in the Mt. Zion Association in 1896. The only church presently in this community (that I am aware of) is the Friendship BC, a black missionary Baptist church.

Hickey/Gateway -- named after the community, possibly organized in the early 1900s; this church affiliated with the Rusk-Panola Association until around 1975 when they called Sam Glover and united with the Mt. Zion Association. The church name was changed to Gateway circa 1982 during the pastorate of Keith Cowee. The church may have reaffiliated with Rusk-Panola and returned to the name Hickey after the departure of Pastor Cowee (I have no record of these events and the memory is foggy). The building is now a business on US 79 S in the Hickey Community.

Hispanic Baptist/Iglesia Bautista (exact given name unknown) -- sometime after the Hickey Church disbanded, a Spanish speaking group met for a time in the old Hickey BC building.

Holly Springs still exists, but now under the name Pine Hill Baptist Church.

Isabel Chapel -- in the Sand Hill Community of southern Rusk County; mentioned as late as in 1951 in Mt. Zion BA; later in Landmark Association of Nacogdoches County. The building is still standing and is used for the annual cemetery homecoming.

Liberty -- located at 1817 US 79 S Henderson; see
Grace in Extinct Churches E-G

Locklin church is mentioned in the Smyrna Baptist Church minutes as a church with whom she regularly exchanged visiting brethren in her early years. (Minutes & Centennial + 5: History of the Smyrna Baptist Church of Rusk County, Texas, p. 8)


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