Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Extinct churches E-G

Ebenezer Baptist Church was a black church (probably missionary Baptist) in the town of Easton in the extreme northeastern corner of Rusk County. The building was still standing late in 2007 (I haven't been by there recently). There is an existing Baptist Church is in Easton. I do not know if there is any connection.

Enon was an old church in the Mt. Enterprise area. I believe it may have been a predecessor to the Mt. Zion Church where the Mt. Zion Baptist Association was organized.

Faith -- the church on US Hwy 64 named Tyler Road Baptist Church began under the name Faith Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Chuck Shirley. Faith is first mentioned in the Mt. Zion minutes in 1982, and last mentioned in 1987. In addition to Shirley, W. C. Dawkins and Thomas Beene also pastored there. Tyler Road is mentioned in the 1988 local mission report. I am not sure of the exact relationship of these two churches.

First Missionary Baptist Church was organized sometime after 1900, and disbanded circa 1980. It was not represented in the Mt. Olive Association after that time. The building still exists on FM 1798 in Laneville and is now part of the structures owned by the First Southern Baptist Church.

Forest Hill church is mentioned in the Smyrna Baptist Church minutes as a church with whom she regularly exchanged visiting brethren in her early years. (Minutes & Centennial + 5: History of the Smyrna Baptist Church of Rusk County, Texas, p. 8)

Grace Independent Baptist Church is one of several names of churches that met in the building at 1817 US 79 South in Henderson. If I remember correctly, after Grace it was called Liberty, and maybe briefly The Potter's House Baptist Church. I'm not sure whether some of these were just name changes, or some of them were actually different churches that met in the same building. Texas State Bank is now located on this property.


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