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Mt. Carmel Church - Appendix E

In the book I have this in a chart form, but could not figure out how to do it here. This makes the information hard to follow. If someone knows a better way to fix it, I'd be glad to know.


Mt. Carmel Chart
The chart contains information gleaned from pertinent available statistical tables in the minutes of the Mt. Zion Baptist Association.

Year- Pastor- Delegates- Post Office- Meeting Day- Baptized
1857 X John Landrum, B.F. Stamps X X X
1858 N. Conner Joel Elam, B.F. Stamps, Wm. Howerton New Salem 4th 7
1859 X William Howerton, J. Elam, B.F. Stamps New Salem
1860 - 1865 Minutes not available
1866 J. Sparkman John Sparkman, Wm. Howerton, Wm. Sparkman Henderson 3rd 19
1867 John Sparkman Eld. Jno. Sparkman, Joel Elam, Eld. Wm. Sparkman New Salem X 5
1868 Not listed in minutes
1869 J. Sparkman Jno. Sparkman, R. Carmickael, F.O. Galloway Henderson 3rd 8
1870 Not represented, but J. Sparkman listed as a member in the ordained ministers list
1871 Name printed on list, but info only on post office -- Mt. Enterprise
1872 Name printed on list, but no info; J. Sparkman a member of Zion Hill

Year- Dead- Total Members- Notes
1857 Mt. Carmel was a charter member of the Mt. Zion Baptist Association
1858 1 65 B.F. Stamps, Mt. Carmel member, was Mt. Zion association clerk in 1858
1859 1 62 Association was held at Mt. Carmel, 18 miles south of Henderson
1866 1 64 Membership consists of 56 whites and 8 blacks
1867 1 83 Number of black members not given separately
1868 Not listed in minutes
1869 0 72 John & William Sparkman still members
1870 Not represented
1871 J. Sparkman member of Zion Hill
1872 Though name is printed in list, Mt. Carmel church was disbanded

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to know how to find out the names of the black members of Mount Carmel.


12:49 AM  
Blogger R. L. Vaughn said...

Hi, Pat--

The only membership list in the information I have is HERE. In the Mt. Carmel connections post I tried to sort out those on the list. I think all of these, at least those I identified, are white members. Two things: (1) some of the churches kept separate lists for black and white members, so that may be what is going on here; or (2) this list may have been made up after the black members began having separate meetings, so no black members are on the list.

I realize this doesn't help much. If I ever find anything else I will post it. Also if anyone else has any information, I would urge you to share with us.

7:49 AM  

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