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Mt. Carmel Church - Appendix D


Resolution offered to the Mt. Zion Association by John Sparkman
"Resolved, That a committee of seven be appointed by this body to meet with a like number to be appointed by the Little Hope Association, for the purpose of adjusting all difference between what is known as Missionary and Primitive Baptists, in order to their union; said committees to meet at Holly Spring Church, Rusk county, on Friday before the 4th Sabbath in October 1868; and that said committee be, and is hereby, required to report the result of their conference to this body at its next annual meeting, and the various churches comprising the same." This was adopted. The committee: Elder John Sparkman, Elder William Sparkman, W. H. Cooper, A. J. Welch, Elder R. M. Humphrey, Elder W. H. H. Hays, and G. W. Butts. Alternates: Elder Ben Griffin, G. W. Harris, W. Lassiter. Mt. Zion minutes, Sept. 1868, p. 2 (Meeting at Beulah, Rusk County, beginning Fri. Sept 18, 1868)

"Your Committee appointed at your session in 1868, to meet a like Committee from the Little Hope Association of Primitive Baptists, attended as directed. The Little Hope Association failed to meet us by Committee, but several of its members being present, organized themselves into a Committee with which we consulted and unanimously adopted the following: We believe and agree that a gospel church is the highest ecclesiastical authority on earth. That each church is an independent body, not amenable to Associations, Conventions, Conferences, Presbyteries, Synods, general Assemblies, Elders, Bishops, Priests, Popes, Kings or any or all the Organizations, Institutions, or Combinations of men on earth; she is subject only to Christ, who alone is lawgiver in Zion. That church members are equals and fellow-citizens, and all contributions for the maintenance of the church, or support of the ministry, must be voluntary, as each member purposeth in his own heart."

Mt. Zion: Elder G. W. Rogers, Elder John Sparkman, A. J. Welch
Little Hope: Elder Thos. Brittain, Elder J. M. Roquemore, B. H. Barton
Mt. Zion minutes, 1869, p. 4, (Meeting at New Salem, Rusk County, 1869)

Note: The two associations did not unite, and both still exist today. But during the 1869 session of the Mt. Zion Association, Primitive Baptist elder Thomas Brittain preached the introductory sermon from Eph. 4:1-8. He was among those invited to seats as a visiting minister of like faith and order, preached at 10 a.m. on Saturday, and preached following William McCollough on Monday.

Resolution offered to the Mt. Zion Association by William Sparkman
"Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Association that it is the duty of the churches to see that the ordinances of the gospel are administered to all persons, irrespective of color, who can give satisfactory evidence of repentance toward God and faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." This was adopted. Mt. Zion minutes, Sept. 1868, p. 3

These resolutions are included to demonstrate some of the influence and work of John and William Sparkman in the Mt. Zion Baptist Association.

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